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We develop custom solutions to meet your needs and specialize in building dynamic and database driven websites. Our tools of choice are Linux/PHP/Apache and MySQL. We always design with a "mobile-first" mentality.

Mobile Apps

Mobile computing is a powerful tool. We can give you the edge with a targeted solution that gives you the flexibility that your business needs. We are experienced in Android and WindowsPhone mobile development.


We build solutions on a diverse set of platforms including VxWorks, Linux, and Windows. Our experience ranges from low-level embedded code written in C/C++, to mid-level scripting with PERL and PowerShell to high-level dynamic GUIs written in .Net/C#


Stovall Consulting Services LLC was founded in 2000 by Bryan T. Stovall. He started by helping family and friends and visited his clients at their homes to help them setup their computers, printers, and home networks. Eventually, he gathered a few small business clients, who we helped with their computer systems, backup solutions, and simple website creation.

Today (while we do still make house-calls), our array of services has expanded and we offer many levels of computer software design and implementation. Our unique skillset developed though industry experience allows us to develop software for low-level embedded computer systems to higher level desktop applications, mobile devices, and websites.


Development Platforms: Android, THE WEB, Linux/Unix, Windows (Desktop & Phone), VxWorks, OpenWRT.

Development Languages: Java, C/C++/C#, Bourne/Bash Shell Scripting, Microsoft Powershell, HTML, CSS, PERL, JavaScript.

Solutions: Dynamic/Data-Driven/Client-Server Applications and Websites.

Computers: Wired/Wireless Networking, Peripheral Configuration, Data Backup Solutions


"Word-of-Mouth can't simply be bought; it has to be earned."


Bryan T. Stovall

Bryan is an Arizona Native, who lives with his beautiful wife and their children in the community of Anthem, Arizona. He holds a B.S. Degree in Computer Systems Engineering and a Master's Degree in Software Engineering both from Arizona State University (go Devils!) He has worked for several Fortune 100/500 companies including Allied Signal, Andersen Consulting, Motorola, and General Dynamics. Throughout his career he has gained a unique skill set not only in the area of software but also in hands-on software/hardware computer system integration. Years of both formal education and industry experience allow Bryan to offer a diverse range of computer solutions. His creative thinking and recognized communications skills make him a valued asset on most any team. Including yours!


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We make it a priority to offer our clients courteous and knowledgeable service. From a simple setup of your printer, to design and construction of your business website, we are here to help.

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